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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Confusion

Big Confusion
Story and Poem 
Medha Menon, 6 th class, Gomathy Global School,Nellore.
3 rd Prize in Prabhava pillalalaku jeje * pillala panduga  in the group Nandivardhanam.29-10-2010
Big Confusion

It was 8 in the morning when my mother, Mrs. Bumble Bee, went in search of food.
I accompanied my mother, as I wanted to meet my friends, Shilpa, the electric pole, Joanna, the Shoe shop and Ruchika, the ant.
It was our daily routine to meet at that time.
It was Sunday and people were already out for shopping.
I and my friends met at GandhiStatue. Shilpa and Joanna were always present there. But, I and Ruchika had to come all the way from our homes.
But, we are always punctual and on-time.
Just we met and started our usual chat, we heard someone singing,
“Jingalala Ho ..Jingalala Ho”
That song is heard again and again.
It was like a bunch of cats howling and we couldn’t stand the sound.
I was loud and terrifying.
Even the passerby s stopped in astonishment.
The appeared three dark figures .They seemed as if they were burnt black.
Their bodies were as dark as coal, their lips were as red as blood and their hair was as black as sooth.
We couldn’t distinguish where the forehead ended and the hair started .Both were in the same colour.
These things are ordinary .But, what caught our attention was, the bone pierced through the nose. They all dressed in autumn leaves and wore jewellery made of bone. They appeared like a family. A man, his wife and children. They started dancing around the Gandhi statue.  The traffic was halted. And a crowd gathered to so these strange looking people.
“I am sure he is a cave man,” Said Ruchika.
“Me too” said Joanna.
“But... why did he come here?” I asked.
“God knows!”Said Shilpa.
Their dance lasted for an hour or so.
Then, from somewhere landed a parachute right on the top of the Gandhi Statue.
Out came a man who had jelled his hair, wore a necklace made of bone and a small leather pouch tied to his waist. His hair seemed to have got an electric shock.
He stood face to face with cave- man and said,” Yo! Yo! Yo! Wanna come along and dance?”(Want to come along and dance?)
The cave man said,” Wassat? Wassat?”(What’s that? What’s that?)
“He looks like a rock star with the fuzzy hair!” said Ruchika.
Then, the rock star broke into a song that goes like this,” Born to be WILDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!”
“I feel like giving this person an electric shock “said shilpa,” Right on his head!”
“But, his hair is already fizzy!” giggled Joanna.
The song lasted for fifteen minutes.Then he said,” Yo! I am Neil from US.A who are you guys?” He asked pointing to caveman’s family.
“They is my family. I & family from North America.”(They are my family members.)
“What’s up? Here for a holiday?” asked Neil.
“No. We is lost “said the caveman. (We are lost)
Just then, Neil blew a bubblegum and it popped up right on the caveman’s face.
The caveman got angry and slapped the rock star right on his cheek with a big bang!
The rock star’s cheek turned red as if he did makeup on one side of his cheek!
There began a big fight with slaps and punches, kicks and hitting.
It was like a cat and rat fight .But, no one knew who the cat was or rat as nobody gave chance for the other to kick or slap.
The fighting went on for about two hours. After that both of them wet on their separate ways and rest of the town got busy with own work but, still wondering how and why that strange incident took place.

Medha Menon, 6 th class.

Big Confusion
*** A poem ***
From somewhere out in the world,
There came a caveman very bold.

Up in the sky appeared a parachute,
Which was made of jute.

Out of it landed a rock star,
Remember he came in a parachute not in car.
Due to a bubblegum pop,
Out came a slap.

Nobody understood anything.
It was a big confusion.
But, I think,
It was an illusion!


Prabhava,Books and Beyond ! * All rights reserved.

1 comment:

lalithag said...

Very Good imagination.
I like the poem.
I guess the only improvement needed is in technicalities of language.