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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Like a spider man

Hi !
Guess  who I am !
I am like a star with big belly .
I have an elder brother known as wind mill and Older than him is my Big Brother, Turbine. My younger brother is mortar .
My life is electricity.
I help you to sleep pleasantly.
But, all of you, human beings, kill me without any mercy.
But Luckily, my life is sold out !
Table fan is my new friend.
Now –a –days  I am present in every house  and every other place.
I am more popular than Micheal Jackson. Because, he couldn’t have defeated me in rotating.
Like a spider man , I can stick to the  wall and stand there for many days.
I got two important friends namely, wind and air.
Can you tell me who am I ?
Look up  to the ceiling.
There I am!
 I am a ceiling fan.
M.Sai Rohith


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jaggampeta said...

naaku english radhu

Prabhava said...

Dear Uncle,
It's nice to read your Telugu words in English.
I have just started writing both in Telugu and English.
My Telugu is in Telugu words only.
You can read my "వ్యసనం "కవిత .
I am surprised to know, how you would manage to use computer without the knowledge of English!
I am learning computers too.
Thanks for your encouragement.Keep reading and advising me and my friends.