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Friday, September 23, 2011

Little boy " teddified! "

There is one school rule ,I will never break again.
Our son Arjun was studying  in playschool.
His class teacher told that the school passed a rule that every student should wear uniform during week days.

Arjun was wearing his uniform regularly .But, he got bored of that dress. One day he asked me,"Mom, please,Let me wear my denims today." I tried to convince him. But, he insisted a lot.
So, he went to school in his new denim pants and his favourite T-shirt.

His class teacher was angry at him.
She removed his dress and put it on a Teddy Bear.
Arjun got embarrassed at that punishment.
There were thirty children in his class.He was standing with his underwear whole day.
He returned home with tears rolling down his cheeks.

As parents ,me and my husband , Srikar, felt very bad.
 Srikar said," It's not an appropriate punishment."
I cried," Such a little child! Just three and half years old!"
Then ,Srikar said,"We must talk to the principal."

We both went to school immediately and complained to principal.
The principal apologized and promised  us ," We won't repeat such punishments."
Rules should be helpful to children to learn but not to hurt them.
As parents ,we also decided  not to break the school rule that will embarrass our child.

Pavani Bharath Reddy,
ISE 1,Prabhava Afterschool.
Prabhava,Books and Beyond ! * All rights reserved.


కొత్త పాళీ said...

very nice

Prabhava said...

I can see that little boy.And, I am very angry!
ISE 0 ,
Prabhava AfterSchool

Prabhava said...

I feel the ending is good but, it was very emotional to read.
The punishment was so cruel .I feel this story will change the minds of hte teachers who give such bad punishments.
Varshitha ,
ISE 2,
Prabhava AfterSchool

Prabhava said...

Punishing children shouldn't be in such way that they should never say,"It's my enemy who asked me to do this !"
I mean, Whatever people say ,children like to do the opposite.The most when they don't like the people who said it.

Pavithra ,
ISE 2,
Prabhava After School.

Prabhava said...

If I were that little boy, I would cry and feel ashamed.
This is an amazing story that says how punishments are and how badly children feel.

IV Pranav Reddy
ISE 2,
Prabhava AfterSchool

Prabhava said...

This story is so realistic.I liked it.
i like parents behaviour because ,they went and complained to hte principal.Even I wanted my parents to go and talk to our principal about what's happening in our class. They did it.
I think punishing children in this way, is not all good.
They should give some time before taking any action,but, not such punishment for the first time itself.
I would't punish children,If I were a teacher.I would tell them in a good way.
'Hates' off!!!
Pavani,keep writing stories.

S.Meghana ,
ISE 2 ,
Prabhava AfterSchool