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Monday, August 15, 2011

Being an Indian* Being Independent

నేడే స్వాతంత్ర్య దినం ...వీరుల త్యాగ ఫలం.. అనుకుంటూ..
Being an Indian. Being Independent
అన్న  మాటలకు స్పందించమంటే, ప్రభవ లో  చిట్టికలం ఇలా ఒలికింది. 
 మీకు తెలిసిన బుజ్జిరచయిత్రి, డి .ప్రతీక, రాసిన  ఈ చిన్ని రచన 
 స్వాతంత్ర్య దిన శుభాకాంక్షలతో పాటుగా  .
Being an Indian* Being Independent
*** *********                  
Iam very happy to be an Indian.
        I am Independent ,
             As Gandhi fought for me,
          From the British,
             Or, I would have been 
              Under British control,
                 For my chocolate,
                  For my ice cream,
          All the Day,
                And, all the night.

Iam very happy to be an Indian.
As Gandhi fought for me,
For my chocolate ,
For my ice cream ,

For our freedom,
For our Independence,

British couldn't bear with me,
They left India,
They left us,
I am Independent ,
I am very happy to be an Indian.
D.Prateeka, 4 th class, ISE1 Trinity College London (ESOL),Prabahva AfterSchool.

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Prabhava said...

It's very different and nice.
I liked it very much.
I too like ice creams.
Happy Independence Day.
S.Praveena,4 th class

Prabhava said...

The poem is giving freedom to chocolate and ice cream.The poem is imaginable and visible.When I visualize ,I feel happy. It's a beautiful poem.Easy to read.

Gandhi fought for our ice cream and chocolate.I like Gandhi.I thank him.

Have a wonderful day.

Ashish ,6th Class,
Prabahva Afterschool

Prabhava said...

It's an excellent poem.
I like this poem because I like our country and I like Gandhi.
I am thankful to Gandhi who fought for our country.

Happy Independence Day.

Congratulations Prateeka...
Keep writing more poems.I feel very happy to read them .


S.Preethi,7th class,prabhava Afterschool.

Prabhava said...

The poem makes us to feel so proud about our country. It's an interesting poem.
Gandhiji fought for everyone's freedom ...in particular for our ice cream and chocolates.
If there were no ice -creams and chocolates , I would have eaten laddus and jilebees like my grandparents used to eat when they were kids.
Sure the British brought ice-cream and chocolates to us, but now they belong everyone.
I like to thank Gandhiji and also, Prateeka for she has reminded our freedom struggle so sweetly.

Happy 65th Independence Day!

S.Meghana ,6th Class,
ISE 2 ,Trinity COllege London,Prabhava AfterSchool (Age 11yrs)