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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Me ,The Super Hero !

బాలోత్సవ్  కథారచన-2009 ,  జూనియర్లలో తృతీయ బహుమతి పొందిన విహార్  కథ. 
కథ చెప్పేటప్పుడు , కథకుడికి భాష అనువుగా ఉండాలి కానీ అడ్డంకి కాకుడదు.
కథ చెప్పినా రాసినా అది సృజనాత్మక ప్రక్రియే.
అలా, పిల్లలను  వారికి నచ్చిన భాషలో నచ్చినన్ని  కథలు రాయమంటే, ఎక్కువమంది తెలుగులోను కొద్ది మంది ఇంగ్లీషులోను...చాలా కొద్దిమంది హిందీ లోనూ రాశారు.
అన్నింటినీ చదివి, సృజన శీలత ,భావవ్యక్తీకరణ ప్రధానాంశాలుగా కొన్ని కథలను ఎంపిక చేయగా , ఆంగ్ల కథ తృతీయ బహుమతి పొందింది. చదివి చూడండి.
 Me ,The Super Hero ! 

Once ,I was walking on the seashore.Suddenly ,there were noone left, except me. And, I fell into the sea.
I was half drowned and suddenly, with my luck, I found a flat ice piece .I went on to it and sat on it .It floated and reached a very huge iceberg.I jumped on to it and shouted for help.But, no one could hear , to reply me ,as I am too far from my place. I was afraid of water but, not sitting on iceberg.
Then, I went on roaming on the iceberg. Unfortunately ,I slipped into a pit.
Going deeper and deeper into the pit ,I cried out with an extremely loudvoice ,
 “Help ! Help!”
I fell  into the depths and reached the sea bed .I saw a fish and I touched it.
It truned into a fairy.The fairy took me out of water and spoke in lovely  sweet voice,” I was turned into a fish by witche's curse and you saved me. If a human touches me , the curse will be broken.”As a reward ,she gave me superpower which was my dream and now become true.
I flew into the air and went nto the deep sea and crushed the iceberg and returned to my place.
I enjoyed it as fun but ,not took it seriously .
I showed all my powers to my friends and attracted all of them to me.
I misused my powers.Sometimes I attracted and sometimes I frightened them with my superpowers. I never felt it as a fault.
One day, when Tsunami hit the shore ,I was at the seashore,
I didn’t use my powers .Instead I got frightened and ran away.When Tsunami was closer , I flew away.
From that day ,every night I hear a voice,”Use your powers for good!”
Then I realised .
I wanted to go to the fairy and request her to take away my superpowers.
While I was talking ,I saw another Tsunami coming closer to the shore.
This time I didn’t run away .I went much closer to it. I went into the sea. Blew  the water  high up into the air and without giving a gap,I freezed it.I went to the fairy and asked her to take the powers from me.
But, she refused and said in sweet voice, “I saw everything what you did .You realised your mistake.You have even saved the people from Tsunami.You have all the qualities of a super hero.”
But, I didn’t agree.I asked her again and again.
But, the fairy said “All the best!” and disappeared.
From then onwards , I used the powers for good  only.
Vihar Reddy, 7th class ,Kadapa 14-11-2009

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