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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To people for to see !

Have you done something naughty recently?
May be your child  or the child in you !
Please read the following poem by
John Keats 
and perhaps, you may find yourself!

                             The boy who ran away.
There was a naughty boy,
And a naughty boy was he.
He ran away to Scotland,
To people for to see-
Then he found that the ground
was as hard ,
That a yard
 was so long,
That song
 was as merry,
That a cherry
was as red –
That lead
was as weighty,
That fourscore was as eighty,
That a door was as wooden ,
As in England-
 so he stood in his shoes
And wonder’d .
He wonder’d
He stood in shoes and he wonder’d.

Hope you enjoyed this sweet  little poem by the great poet and the all time favorite!
Do you like to share such naughty things you did ?
We would love to read!

Prabhava,Books and Beyond ! * All rights reserved.


Prabhava said...

No, I am not done something recently.
The naughty boy is very active and very genious. He can do things very naughty. He do anything for his very easily.
If I am the boy in the poem.I can also do the same things that the boy can do .
My response: The boy is very naughty. And he can do their thing very actively.It is correct for doings any type of things.
Ananya, MBA student

Prabhava said...

Kiran Kumar 19 years ,BCom, Final

I want to see that naughty boy.I too like to be like him I want to know why he ran away to Scotland.Moreover I wouldn't like to go like that without informing my parents.For that boy too many are search and go to Scotland to find him.If people find to caught me , I wouldn't have any words.The song is also very nice.

Prabhava said...

Manmohan ,12yrs,9th class.

I have not done any naughty things recently.
My opinion about the naughty boy is want to go Scotland ,but it is not a right thing because he ran away from house so he was wrong.

Prabhava said...

9yeas,5th class

My opinion on that naughty boy is how can he be very silly to go to Scotland from England to find out the difference. If I was in his place I will definitely not do this naughty thing.

lalithag said...

Anuraag, 9 yrs.

I once didn't sleep well. So I went under the bench my mom was sitting on and played with her feet. I did this 2 or 3 more times.My mom sent me to bed and I stayed there.

Prabhava said...

Yashwitha Puja, 12years,8th Class

I have done a naughty thing recently.
When relatives arrived to my home ,my elder sister Ordered me to put salt in coffee and sugar in sambar. But I didn't do it. She told me that if you don't do I will do and I will complain to mother.So I did that naughty thing .But, It was wrong.
The was naughty and the boy should not be like that.If I am the naughty boy I will learn to be good. So, my sincere advise to respect elders and not to irritate parents.

Prabhava said...

B.Jeeshma Balaji 20yrs.B Tech (Final)

Yes, I have done something naughty recently.
While I was walking in the street in the night, One bike was coming towards me.When I saw that the light was on,I shouted"Switch off your light otherwise your current bill will go high !"
he was shocked and stopped the bike.After a while ,he recovered and smiled and gone.
in my opinion the boy in the poem was naughty.
If I was the boy,I will do nothing.i remain in my home and do my work.

Prabhava said...
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Prabhava said...

M.Sajan,10th Class,14years

Recently i have done a naughty thing which makes everyone laugh.
I took my friends papers which are very important for the exam and I kept them in his bag only. he asked me whether I took them. I said no and asked him to check my bag too.He didn't find the papers and we all scolded him for doing so.At last I told him the real story.
If I was the boy in the poem ,I wouldn't have done the things which are naughty and make others disturb.

Prabhava said...

P.Bhanu Teja 12years ,8th class

I did a naughty thing Yesterday.
In my house a chair has no legs.i thought that my brother will sit in that chair and it will fall down. But, I sat in that chair and my two legs were broken.
If I was the naughty boy, I wouldn't run away.

Prabhava said...

B.Samyuktha 9th Class,13years.

Yes, I have done something naughty recently.This happend last Wednesday.

Our group was really noisy.So our biology teacher said we shouldn't play games that week.I was leading our throw ball team and my teem needed me very badly to win the game.
The teacher-in-charge gave us some work and just left and that's when I did the most naughtiest thing in my life.
I jumped out of the window to play.
My groupmates were very understanding because they know how desperate I was.So they let me go.
When the teacehr returned they told I went to toilet and she never asked me again.
We won the game and I raced back to the class and completed the work she gave me. The teacher knew I mossed the punishment and went to play as I was very sweaty .And, I got punished agaian .I had to write all my home works twice.
I would never runaway from home like that and wander all over the world .i think the boy was very naughty and He shouldn't have gone wandering .
If I did run away-hypothetically, I would be scared to deth and have no idea what to do .

Suhana said...

well, nice poem, but I'm not that naughty!!!!!!!! I too did mischious things as a kid.Of course still doing!

Suhana, 5th class