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Friday, July 16, 2010

All Smiles :-)

Chavi Jain,this little child , reached home all smiles like a POWERPUFF girl.
Chavi,the youngest participant of Trinity College London ESOL courses at Prabhava , had a reason to smile all the way, not only for the powerpuff girl mask she received from Ms.Mary Jaffers,but for her Distinction in  the GESE INDIA exam on 30-8-2009.

Heithishi ,presented Topic on her favourite  television series , "Friends", and her mother Ms.Anu  , about her favourite "Bollywood" and  returned  thier home in Southern England with TWO DISTINCTIONS and FOUR DOUBLE A s  in GESE Grade 6.

Ms.Kameswari, a rural Maths teacher ,chose to speak on  "Rural Education" deserved all claps as she returned to her class with  her OWN DISTINCTION.
Ms.Bhadravati , a homemaker, who joined Prabhava with an intention to help her children 
in their homeworks, talked on "Life in Apartments" and ofcourse, took home  a distinction in GESE Grade 4.
The little boy was very proud of his mamma's achievement and obviously demanded an extra ice-cream in celebration!

Look ! It's exam time!Not less fun!!

Ms. Mary Jaffers,International Director ESOL Exams India, launched Grades 4 to 6 GESE India
for the first time in the world at Prabhava,on 30-8-2009

Last, but officially the first candidate, Mr.Teja Kiran Yadav, who was evaluated and awarded  first in the newly launched 4 -6 GRADE in GESE India on  that day, was hesitating to appear a Spoken Exam
 because of his  speech difficulties.
 However, he was awarded extra time to overcome his stammering during the exam. 
Interestingly,Examiners were surprised to find a very clear talk all through the Examination  and  were much delighted with his humorous Topic Presentation , none other than his all time favorite, mouth watering, 
Nellooru chepala pulusu.
On the day Teja received his first International Academic Certificate from Trinity College London, he gave  a touching acceptance speech and  stammered!

Here We go!
All the OLD BOYS and GIRLS send their
to the NEW students at Prabhava, ESOL 

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Nagarajan said...

The result shows that every student in a class should be allowed speak to bring out their English language Speaking skills. Encourage them participate and then measure their confidence as they go along. Good work Prabhava and keep it up!!!


lalithag said...

Looks like an impressive list of achievements.
However, I do not know much about these tests or awards. So, I'm not able to appreciate the significance.
Congratulations and best wishes to all involved.
Would be great if we know more about these events /courses /awards etc.

Prabhava said...

Thank you verymuch.
This is all about language teaching.
ESOL is English for Speakers of Other Languages .GESE stands for Graded Examinations in Spoken English.
No wonder speaking in an exam is tougher than writing. It involves lot of inhibitions to overcome.
For more details..google hint words .. Trinity college London ESOL GESE ISE or simply can search you tube .
Recent language teaching courses mostly emphasis on functional usage. We are trying to do something beyond that in our simple place with the flare of language . And the results..:-))
Apart from typical Grammer classes , we try to provide open space for speaking ,writing and more.
This a humble attempt with a very small group and within our limitations.Long way to go.
Thanks .

Nalini Hebbar said...

Keep up the good work. Nellore is blessed to have a book store that is a lot more than just that. Congratulations and all the best!

Prabhava said...

Ms.Nalini Hebbar,
Thank you very much.
We are looking forward for your advise and more.
Your participation in thought and action are most welcome.
As always, Have good reading!
Greetings !

superteja said...

i wonderd o my god... :D :D :D thnks 2 PRabhava... :D :D