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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The strange case of Caveman and Rockstar

ప్రభవ పిల్లలకు జేజే ,కథారచనలో ద్వితీయ బహుమతి పొందిన హీబా ఫర్హీన్  కథ  
One day I was doing my homework .
The next Sunday was Diwali.So I was tring to complete my homework.
Suddenly the pen was out of ink. I was quite hungry.I wanted to buy few chocolates.
 I informed my mom and went to the nearby shop.
My house is close to Gandhi bomma/statue/.
I left the house and walked on.
A strangeman appeared on infront of me.
He was little ugly. He was wearing a dress which had leaves and animal skin.
His hair was unruly. I was very excited  to  see him.
A parachute landed exactly opposite to caveman and a rockstar walked out. The rockstar was very handsome. He wore disgner pant and shirt and  a stylish belt.A guitar was hanging on his shoulder.He wore a bead-chain. To my surprise , the caveman was also wearing the same bead-chain.
On that Sunday morning , road was lonely and silent.
Both of them werenot aware where they are.

Rockstar approached caveman and asked,”May I know where am I ?”
The caveman said,”I don’t know. I was lost in teh forest and reached in the countryside”
“Where do you come from?” asked the rockstar.
“I am from the jungle of Jarkhand !” the caveman replied.

I was enjoying there conversation.Suddenly  the traffic picked up as if everyone is on the road.
All of them surrounded the Rockstar and very happy to see the Rockstar ,but  not the caveman.
Someppeople were laughing at caveman.He was feeling lost and lonely.
I went to the cave man and started talking to him.I wanted him to be happy too.
The Rockstar was very proud of his admirers and the caveman was very humble.

After observing them ,I understood that if someone is fair or dark ,you have to judge them by manners and habit. You may have heard the proverb, “Don’t judge by hte cover of the book ,judge the content in it.”
Nadivardhanam group.
Hiba Farheen,6th class ,Gomathy  Global School. 

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