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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh, Why don't they ..?!?

Lal Bahdur Sasthrijee,
Why don't every one mind you on your birthday?
Actually you are very lucky to be born on the day when Gandhiji was born.
You are also very great.

But, I have a big doubt .
Why don't people bother your birthday?
Both Gandhi and you are super heroes.
Today is your birthday.
There are so many photos  of Gandhiji around but,
not even one photo of yours!

People are very stingy...!

Happy Birth Day!
Prateeka ,
ISE 1 ,Prabhava Afterschool

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1 comment:

Prabhava said...

It's good.
Pratika tried to appreciate Labahadur Sasthri too.
She also told that nobody is bothering about him on his birthday.
She thought both of them are her superheroes.I like this idea.
Laxmi Yashodhara