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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

“Bommala Koluvu”

Dasara brings the first pause for academics and breaths-in leisure.
Traditionally, Dasara is the festival of teachers and students.
Teachers used to present students before their parents showcasing the little-ones best performance.
The village teacher used to move from house to house , with his band of students ,“Raama danDu”, holding bows and arrows ,  reciting “padyaalu “and collecting “pappu bellalu”.
Moreover , it is the festival of dolls. The relation of children and dolls is un-explainable. Dolls are an intrinsic part of childhood.
When dolls gather, it is not just an attractive arrangement in odd steps, but a celebration of art, craftsmanship, diversity ,colour and above all,  CHILDHOOD.
We have a wonderful tradition of honoring artisans during festivals. Dasara is the celebration of  the art of the doll makers .
 Every home used to have a , bommala koluvu , a celebration of dolls ,arranged in beautiful patterns. Traditional clay and wooden dolls were aesthetically presented with great pomp and show.

With the overflow of contemporary plastic , lead-painted bright toys and dolls ,  traditional Doll  Making is a diminishing art and also, a challenged cottage industry.  
 Prabhava organised a “Bommala Koluvu ”  to continue our great tradition of Doll honouring.
 Children walked in  with their dolls to decorate the podium. They celebrated ,appreciated and enjoyed the occasion.
On our last working day of the First Term ,  Prabhava's children were beautifully dolled up! Cute ,Cheerful and singing and dancing , along with their dolls.

Children exploring and enjoying " the model village with craftsmen at work"

 Children  learning about animals  that live near a  model pond in the jungle .

“Bommala Koluvu”

 “ కొండపల్లి కొయ్యబొమ్మ

నీకో బొమ్మ నాకో బొమ్మ"
మరిన్ని బొమ్మలు
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 ఓ మారు చూడండలా !

Prabahva wishes you all a Happy DASARA !
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